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 "Know-Your-School Day"

 Photo by Eduardo Pua - deviantART




 "On your graduation, Mako!"

 Photo by Mamako Gutabi




 "Praise him"

 Photo by Wahn-hee Lee




 "Paul V. Galvin Playhouse, Arizona State University"

 Photo by Kevin Dooley - The Dooley Complex




 "Holding the earth"

 Photo by Kumararaja K




 "Select Countries"

 Photo by Wahn-hee Lee.





 From Naver





 Photo by Mamako Gutabi




 "The trio"

 Photo by Gianluca Di Santo - White Tara Productions





 Photo by Wahn-hee Lee.




 "1216 Graduation 01-SH"

 Photo by Stephen Haas